"Reitarska Circle" is a reconstruction of the rotunda of the modernist complex from 1986, which had the primary function of a polyclinic for the "Union of Writers" and was located on Reitarska Street.​​​​​
Abraham Miletskyi and Volodymyr Shevchenko were responsible for the primary architecture of the building.
A separate round-shaped building with a diameter of 16 meters once served for medical examinations of polyclinic patients, in 2007 the building was privatized, and in 2008 the rotunda was separated from the complex and sold to a private owner. They installed a spa salon in it, and the facade was decorated as a "medieval castle" by damaging the original facade.
More than ten years later, after the building was purchased by a handful of enthusiasts, the revitalization of the space was entrusted to the architect Emil Dervish
The main strategy was to bring back the authentic exterior of the building, but at the same time transform the entire functionality and interior layout into a modern complex with several restaurants inside and a rooftop terrace arrangement.
By replacing the old brick structure with light steel columns, it was possible to create an open layout with a lantern above the atrium a large tree in the center of the building, and an element that connects all levels of the building with a radial staircase.
 In the underground part of the building, the technical premises and the bar area are partially concentrated, while the first floor and the terrace are completely dedicated to gastronomy.
The structure of the building consists of brick walls of the facade, which can also be seen in the interior, and a concrete floor, but during the reconstruction, steel columns, and beams were added that penetrate the building starting from the basement floor and ending with the upper part of the building, from which the exit to the terrace is made.
Numerous windows on the radial facade and a glass dome above provide the space with natural light throughout the day.
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