This 45 sqm apartment was designed for a young couple, is located in a modern building in the center of Kyiv. The original plan included a large bedroom, a useless hall and a glazed balcony, but it did not have a living room area and the kitchen was small. Since the clients spend most of their time in the living room and kitchen, it was decided to make a new plan, in which priority was given precisely to this functional zone. Removing all the walls, we got more free space and light. The living room, kitchen, and dining are located along the panoramic windows, the bedroom was moved to the background behind a glass partition, which transmits light and protects from noise. Also, we organized a lot of space for storage and a small pantry, which disappeared behind a bright blue curtain. The budget was limited, so we gave up finishing, just colored the concrete ceilings and walls but keep the texture of the concrete. In the kitchen area, hall and bathroom the walls were finished with white tiles, and all the new walls, which were erected from concrete blocks, were left untouched. Against the background of ascetic materials: concrete, glass, stainless steel, vintage furniture acquires a special charm and makes this interior cozy.
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